Only One Treats

Healthy Treats for Dogs and Cats

We are a small local company located in the heart of Greater Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. Our mission is to provide independent pet stores with dog and cat treats with a limited number of ingredients.  In many cases there is Only One ingredient.  We believe that there isn't any reason why dog and cat treats can't have the best quality of ingredients in their treats.

Our flagship treats are our famous dried sardines.  They are a healthy, single ingredient, high value treats.  Here is a link to another posting about the health benefits of sardines for our pets. Link

We can't forget about our other great lines of treats, our soft jerky treats come in chicken, turkey and beef, we add a little vegetable glycerin which is derived from coconut oil to help keep the treats soft during the dehydration process.

Diatomaceous Earth is natural combatant  against worms, fleas, bed bugs.  It can be applied topically and can be ingested.  Please follow the directions.

We distribute the Freedom No-Pull Harness which is a 2 point contact harness that helps stop dogs from pulling.  It comes highly recommended by dog trainers.

Elk Antlers are our latest addition to our product line up, they are naturally shed in the wild so no animals are being harmed to harvest these delicious and time consuming treats, we can sell them by the size or in bulk by weight.  Our supplier is located in Saskatchewan.