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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Great for Pets

Healthy for Humans

Use in your Home

Diatomaceous Earth is very useful in combating worms and parasites internally, used no more than 2% of their daily feeding amount in their diet.  Furthermore this is a natural and inexpensive way to combat fleas, you can apply DE topically to your pet in their fur, it is okay if they try to eat it.  Once the DE touches the fleas, they days are numbered.  DE will effectively dehydrate the flea and they will die.  Giving you and your pet peace of mind.

Diatomaceous Earth is a great supplement to a human diet.  Essentially as we age our bodies have less and less silica in our bodies.   It is important to make sure what kind of silica you choose. It comes in many forms and from many sources. A lot of the silica supplements that are on the market today come in tablet form and are not easily absorbed by the body. It is necessary to secure a form that starts with highly purified mineral silica, is pH neutral and easily absorbed by the body.  This is what Diatomaceous Earth is and does.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is a powerful and non-toxic pesticide. When the diatomaceous powder touches bugs, it scrapes the insects’ waxy outer layer. Then, very quickly the insects lose their capacity to hold moisture, causing the insect to actually dry out. This dehydration process is extremely effective leaving no way for any pests to develop immunity. It is safe to use at home, even in the kitchen. Many restaurants use it on stainless steel surfaces for as a cleaning agent, due to the shallow cuts in the metal that would be hard to clean with a cloth.  Bed Bugs!  Now this is a very useful tool against these pesky insects, considering they are extremely hard to catch, they hibernate in the winter and attack people while they sleep.  Use diatomaceous earth to eliminate this threat in your home by putting it in strategic areas in your home.